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EV Mamas

EVLogoWe offer real solutions for real moms.
We are seeking leaders to set up accounts for an established company.


Get It

A team environment where you have the independence and flexibility of being your own boss, while you have full access to the training and mentoring you need for success

The ability to set your own hours and pace

FREE Training by Moms Who Have Already Built Full-Time Incomes with our Team

Security and safety in checking us out. There is:

  • NO Inventory Or Order Handling
  • NO Telemarketing
  • NO Large Startup Cost
  • NO Contracts
  • NO Risk

Bring It

Positive attitude & a minimum 10 hours/week

$29 start up investment to cover written training materials, DVD, and CDs. We do not accept cash or money orders. We offer a 120-day guarantee in which your membership materials are fully refundable.

  • 30 minutes for a phone interview covering:
  • Company background and credentials,
  • FREE resources that we provide,
  • Specifics of how we set up accounts,
  • Benefits & compensation plan

For the Love of Painting – Mobile Paint Parties

LoveOfPaintingLogoFor the Love of Painting…Paint Parties for your home and work.

So how does this work?

You pick the location and date, pick the painting (custom or from my gallery), and invite your favorite people for a private party of entertaining art instruction.

Parties are a 10 person minimum and I bring everything to you- paints, easels, brushes and canvases…

I offer Home parties, work parties, birthday parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, girls night out, baby shower’s, bridal shower’s….you name it I can arrange it!

Locations can be anywhere you want…home, office, parks, churches…

Call me at 775-443-8583

If you would like to contact me via email, my address is:


Junior League of Reno

Mission Statement

The Junior League of Reno, Inc., is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The League’s policies shall be in harmony with the policies of the Association.

Vision Statement

The Junior League of Reno creates a lasting impact on the community by enriching the quality of life for women and children through innovative projects, effective advocacy, generous community grants, and collaborative partnerships.

Kaia F.I.T.

F.I.T.: Functional Intense Training

Our mission is to create strong bodies and powerful minds. Working together to get fit, feel great and know that we Kan accomplish anything. Our number one goal is to inspire women to reach beyond what they thought was possible.

We Kan Run. We Kan Play. We Kan GET KAIA F.I.T.

This is not 24-hour fitness. This is not a room full of strangers. Sure, YOU drive to the gym. YOU show up everyday. YOU pay for it. But this is not just a gym full of individuals. This is Kaia FIT and this is your TEAM.

Part of why we ask you to commit to a class time is so that you commit to your classmates each morning or evening. These women are what keep you accountable, committed, inspired and driven. Kaia is a sport. You are an athlete. And your class is your team.

This is an important way to look at what we do at Kaia FIT. Especially during BRIK. The 6-week BRIK program is unique and challenging… finding camaraderie is vital. The women beside you each day feel exactly what you feel and are important in keeping you going, whether you realize it or not. It is equally important to recognize your role in this relationship. You might not know that you are someone else’s role model, example and silent teacher.

Nothing To It!

At Nothing To It! our goal is to share our love of gourmet cooking with you. Our philosophy is to not just provide cooking classes and kitchen products- we want to teach you how to use those techniques and tools to create a wonderful meal for you to share with your family and friends. The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from preparing and enjoying good food is what Nothing to It! is all about.

We started Nothing To It! Cooking School in 1995 at the request of friends eager to improve their skills in the kitchen. Since then, the school has grown from classes around our kitchen table to our present 6,000 square foot Culinary Center. Nothing To It! Culinary Center includes a cooking school with hands-on and demonstration classes taught by a variety of Master Chefs, a Napa Valley style gourmet deli, and a kitchen store with a wide variety of ingredients, appliances and accessories for people who love to cook.

We bring a fresh, ‘non-professional’ approach to culinary education. Over 500 students per month take cooking classes at Nothing To It! and thousands more are reached through Nothing To It! programs on television and radio.

Sierra Can Cleaners

Sierra Can Cleaners Logo

We do the job no one wants to

No one will are argue that dirty trash cans are, at best, unpleasant and unsightly. Dirty trash cans are known to be a breeding ground to harmful bacteria, insects, viruses, rodents, and may attract foraging animals in search of a meal. Opening the lid often greets you with foul smelling odors, and sometimes worse. As the temperature rises so do the smells emanating from your uncleaned cans. Sierra Can Cleaners is here to help solve those smelly problems! We use a high pressure process using filtered water and biodegradable cleaners to sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize your trash can. After using our service you’ll be able to open the lid without the olfactory overload!

Does your HOA require you to keep your can(s) inside of your garage? We will gladly work with your HOA and the homeowners to provide this service in your area so you go back into your garage for longer than the amount of time it takes you to hold your breath!

The Nurturing Nest

NurturingNestLogoThe Nurturing Nest is a community resource center focused on families from conception through parenthood. We offer quality programs and community building for parents in the Reno area.

Empowering women and families with quality education and resources that promote health and well-being during the childbearing years and beyond. Building community and providing support and resources for the women and families of Reno area.