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Huntington Learning Center

We’re only successful because our students are.

Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center has served America’s students and families longer than any other tutoring provider. We help students ages 5 to 17 achieve remarkable improvements in their grades, test scores and self-esteem. The success of our program lies in the one-to-one attention we devote to every child and the expertise of our caring, certified teachers.

If you’re looking for real results, pick up the phone and call 1‑800 CAN LEARN now.

Tutoring subjects:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Study Skills
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Test Prep
  • High School Entrance Exam preparation
  • SAT/PSAT & ACT preparation

Kumon Math & Reading Center

Math. Reading. Confidence.

Welcome to Kumon, the world’s largest after-school math and reading program. The Kumon Method has helped millions of children achieve more than they ever thought they could. We believe it can help your child, too. At Kumon, your child will build skills that lead to success inside and outside the classroom.

Success at Any Age and Any Level

At Kumon, our math and reading programs help children of all ages and levels become eager, independent self-learners. Unlike tutoring sessions, Kumon helps children learn how to learn on their own, and develops strong academic skills. Our students gain a sense of confidence that will help them in the classroom and beyond.


MathnasiumLogoEvery day, students around the world attend Mathnasium learning centers to boost their math skills. We are highly specialized; we teach only math. Members usually attend two or three times a week for about an hour.

Our goal is to significantly increase your child’s math skills, understanding of math concepts, and overall school performance, while building confidence and forging a positive attitude toward the subject.

Children don’t hate math.
They hate being confused and intimidated by math.
With understanding comes passion.
And with passion comes growth—a treasure is unlocked.

Our approach is to use sophisticated techniques to determine, with great accuracy, what a student knows and does not know. Next, we tailor-make a personalized and prescriptive learning program. Each student follows the program with the help of specially trained Mathnasium math tutors who provide instruction—and lots of warm encouragement. For proof of progress, we rely on the student’s report card, independent tests, and parent testimony to measure the speed and magnitude of improvement in math skills, numerical thinking, and attitude.

One World Learning Center

One World Learning Center is committed to providing a quality, educational program that promotes high self-esteem, the joy of learning, and an environment of respect and dignity for each other. We believe without question that the early years are THE most important in the social, emotional, and intellectual development of a child’s life. The center provides an environment that is not only safe, positive, and nurturing, but that will also give your child the opportunity to explore, learn, make friends, and most of all to feel successful. We believe that all children deserve to be treated with unconditional love and respect and that each one of them is a unique individual. We believe that the parents are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life and we strive through communication and support to form a partnership between parents and staff for the good of the whole child.

The Center is licensed through the Washoe County Department of Social Services for ages infancy through Kindergarten. Each of our classrooms is designed by age and developmental needs of the children in that classroom. Our classrooms are staffed above Social Services requirements in order to provide the highest quality program. Our curriculum includes language arts, math, hands on science, social studies, Spanish, music, and art with an emphasis on environmental awareness.

We provide an all day State Licensed Kindergarten program with teacher child ratios less than half that provided by the public school system.
Our philosphy is “A Child’s Play is a Child’s Work”.

We realize that our teachers are our number one asset to providing a quality program for children. One World Children’s Center provides higher wages and excellent benefits compared to the majority of other preschools in the area in order to attract and maintain the best qualified staff. We strongly believe that children deserve to have teachers who are capable and caring, who take pride in their job, and whose values and character enable them to be excellent role models.