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Advanced Pediatric Therapies

Welcome to Advanced Pediatric Therapies, LLC! Advanced Pediatric Therapies, LLC has been providing pediatric services in the Reno/Sparks and outlying areas since the summer of 2003! We are thrilled to now have speech, occupational, and physical therapies all in one location! Our facility offers an engaging, naturalistic and fun learning environment for children and their families.


Advanced Pediatric Therapies, LLC’s mission is to provide family focused services in a supportive and motivating environment.


Our vision is for each individual to build positive social connections within his or her home and community using effective communication, self-help and gross motor skills.

Advanced Pediatric Therapies, LLC offers services to children from the ages of infancy through adolescence. Our therapists are skilled in the areas of communication skills, feeding skills, sensory integration skills, self-help skills, gross motor skills, play/social skills, and fine motor skills. All of the therapists are also certified and highly skilled to treat children with a varying range of developmental, genetic and neurodevelopmental disabilities. We work with children who have a diagnosis of: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Angelman syndrome, seizure disorder, Down syndrome, Fragile X, chromosome deletion disorders, ADD/ADHD, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, hearing impairments, visual disorders, mental retardation, developmental delays, amputations, fetal alcohol syndrome, drug exposed, and many more. Regardless of the diagnosis, we work with the child and the family based on his/her areas of strength and areas of need.

Advanced Pediatric Therapies, LLC welcomes Medicaid and Medicaid HMO insurance. We are also preferred providers for most insurance companies in the state of Nevada and California. We will gladly bill your private insurance, but we do not guarantee payment for services at any time. We also accept state funding programs such as Acumen and self-directed funds. Please feel free to call and discuss billing/insurance at any time!

Carousel Kids Learning Center

CarouselKidsLogoA child’s play is a child’s work. It is the major ingredient of learning and the natural activity of young children. Play develops and rewards creativity, confidence and social ability. Intellectual, emotional and social responses developed through play provide the natural foundation for future learning.

The Carousel Kids Learning Center at The Continuum offers a program that brings about a high quality learning experience for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Our family-style Center is a place where ALL children are valued and respected for their individual gifts and talents. We teach cooperation, responsibility and important social and communication skills. Our program and lessons are tailored to the child, so that each progresses at an appropriate individual developmental pace.

Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates

Located inside LensCrafters

Board Certified in the Treatment and Management of Ocular Diseases


My Kids Smile

My Kids Smile LogoWelcome to My Kid’s Smile Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics!

At My Kid’s Smile, our mission is to provide children with the highest quality of dental and orthodontic care available to them in a friendly, caring environment. All care must be based on sound scientific and ethical principles.

Our patients’ emotional and physical well being is our number one priority. Our focus is on preventive dentistry and dental maintenance including orthodontics to children, young adults, and disabled individuals. We firmly believe in making it fun for them as well as safe and rewarding.

We are conveniently located in Reno, Nevada offering dental and orthodontic appointments Monday – Thursday. However our, 24-hour emergency call center, makes us always available for your child’s needs.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make you and your family feel more at home in our office. Your families experience in our office is our number one priority.

Thank you for choosing My Kid’s Smile!


No Child Left Behind Behavioral Healthcare Services

Welcome to No Child Left Behind, Behavioral Healthcare Services, your child’s well-being and recovery are our number one priority. Our staff is here to assist you in planning your care during the course of your treatment. Our mission is to assist you in pursing your goals and attaining the highest quality of life possible for you and your child. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please ask one of your treatment providers or any member of our staff. ~Candia Tolbert, Program Director

Your child needs what all children need:

  • To feel safe and loved…
  • To feel a sense of belonging…
  • To feel capable and responsible…
  • To feel successful…
  • To be able to accept mistakes by self and others…
  • To understand his/her own development…
  • To understand and work well with others…
  • To gain independent skills to become productive adults!

Helpful Hints to maximize benefits from our services:

  • Review your patient rights and privacy information
  • Actively participate in your treatment planning as part of our team.
  • After all it is your child’s plan
  • Prepare prior to visits, jot down any questions or comments you may have regarding your treatment plan, service delivery, or agency procedures.
  • Educate yourself! Don’t hesitate to ask questions about support groups, services available, alternative treatments.
  • Make a plan for psychiatric emergencies
  • Take full advantage of services available for you and your child

Our services are available based on your schedule and individualized to meet the needs of your child. Rehabilitation services are available seven days a week. We value family time. Our focus is to keep families together and connected.

Reno Child and Family Therapy


Looking for the right counselor can be difficult and overwhelming. Thinking about counseling is a great first step, because it indicates that you are still hopeful! I believe that ALL people are capable of change, but sometimes we just need a little help.

I often hear: “nobody really hears me” or “my kids are out of control” or “my marriage is falling apart” or “I just want to be happy again”…I understand these very valid concerns and fears, and I’m happy to come alongside you with hope, trust, and compassion in order to help you find peace within yourself and in your home. This peace can be found through emotional, spiritual, relational, and behavioral healing. And improved communication and strengthened relationships can bring forth hope and happiness again!

My approach to counseling is to target conflict and aggression within your primary relationships in order to find restoration; as well as help you to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. I work with individuals of all ages, couples, and families from all backgrounds. I also offer group therapy and business consultation.


Scope Clinical

Speech Therapy – Occupational Therapy – Physical Therapy
young or old… there’s always time to learn

Scope_Clinical_LogoSCOPE Clinical is a private outpatient practice providing speech, occupational and physical therapy services in two convenient locations- NW and Central Reno. WE provide therapy services for all ages and diagnoses. Contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Scope Clinical is an outpatient clinic focused on meeting the needs of those in our community who are experiencing limitations due to injury, illness, or disability. We provide a variety of services, including Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy.

Our Mission at Scope Clinical

The mission at SCOPE Clinical is to improve each client’s ability to engage, relate, and communicate meaningfully and successfully with others and his/her environment.


Sierra Therapy Group

The Sierra Therapy Group is a team of speech-language pathologists & occupational therapists committed to improving children’s speech-language and life/adaptive skills. We are proud to provide speech pathology & occupational therapy services for children in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Fernley, Gardnerville, & the greater Northern Nevada area.

Our Philosophy

Our therapeutic sessions are driven by the following philosophies to best serve our clients:


“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.” Alex Haley

Since most communication and life skills take place at home and in the community, it is essential for us to work closely with families. We provide not only quality intervention, but we also provide caregivers with strategies to facilitate their children’s speech-language and life skills in everyday routines, such as grocery shopping and mealtimes.


“If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others.” Haim Ginott

Successful communication and interactions with others enhance and cultivate self-esteem. Success with life skills in everyday activities also enhances and cultivates self-esteem. We empower children by using a child-directed therapeutic model. We also empower parents by showing them how they can scaffold successful communication and life skills. We focus on individual strengths and interests of each family to target specific goals. We also provide treatment based on the child’s strengths and weaknesses, not within the box of a specific diagnosis, if a child has one.


“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” Anonymous

Play is the primary focus of our therapy. Because learning is an interactive process, we use hands-on activities and games that allow children to participate actively in our sessions. This naturalistic approach allows children to have fun and improve their communication and life skills at the same time.


The Nurturing Nest

NurturingNestLogoThe Nurturing Nest is a community resource center focused on families from conception through parenthood. We offer quality programs and community building for parents in the Reno area.

Empowering women and families with quality education and resources that promote health and well-being during the childbearing years and beyond. Building community and providing support and resources for the women and families of Reno area.